Molly’s Story

Joyce’s transition from the men to Molly at the end of Ulysses is very interesting and I think it is appropriate to end the novel in this way. Molly’s thoughts tend to follow along Bloom’s in some ways, especially how both of their thoughts change from one subject to another. I am not sure what I am supposed to think about Molly’s behavior. While Bloom only thinks about infidelity Molly actually commits the act. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Molly because she doesn’t get what she needs from Bloom? Does that make her infidelity okay? I am not sure. I agree with Amy that Molly dominates the¬†relationship between herself and Bloom. In that way it makes me feel less sorry for her especially for the way she seems to treat Bloom, and also because of that word, “yes”. It makes me wonder how much Molly loved Bloom, or if she ever did because of her statement, “and I thought well as well him as another” (LN 1604-05). Maybe Molly chose Bloom because she could dominate him.

I also wonder what I am supposed to think of Molly because of the technique Joyce uses in the final episode. The writing reminds me of rambling because there are very few sentences. It sounds like she just talks and talks without taking a breath. At least with Bloom he has more of a pause in his thoughts were Molly’s just keep going. I enjoyed the other female perspective, but I do still wonder what point Joyce was really trying to make by switching up the final episode? I also agree with Amy that maybe the episode is supposed to be just as complicated, if not more, than the previous episodes. That could be one point, that both Bloom and Molly’s thoughts are complicated and therefore the transition into the novel is just as complicated.


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