I thought the “Circe” episode was very interesting, but at times a little confusing between the transitions from one dream to the next. The flirtation between Bloom and Mrs. Breen shows that Bloom has some sexual guilt, but also some wishful fulfillment. The guilt seems heavy when they talk about Molly. Right away the hallucinations change. They continue to do this throughout the episode. Bloom and Stephen also seem to become closer in this episode starting in the beginning when Bloom follows Stephen to Nighttown. In many ways there is more confusion in this episode, but the confusion also makes it more interesting. There are a few scenes that were a little funny, especially with the Navvy and the watchmen.

I also agree with Katie’s post that Bloom does not seem to be troubled with the sudden changes between one hallucination and another. One second he is talking with Mrs. Breen and the next he is in another dream passing the whores and interacting with The Navvy. The episode is very accurate in how dreams work, they are sometimes fuzzy and confusing. I liked this more than some of the others.  


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