The Whirlwind

I thought that the poem “The Whirlwind” was interesting. Compared to the Aeolus Episode in Ulysses it talked about the wind, but not in the traditional sense. The whirlwind in the poem is created by a person through his actions. This is similar to Ulysses because there is no actual wind in the chapter. The wind refers to what is going on in the newsroom. The people and the journalism is creating the chaos and the whirlwind in the office just like the dancer is creating his own wind. In the line “Sans se faire autrement de bile” bile can refer to either the substance in the body or anger. The dancer can live within the whirlwind without being angered, he can sometimes control the winds or have control like the characters in the newsroom can have or be in control despite the chaos. The wind continues to blow and nothing really stays the same.


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