Joyce and Yeats

I noticed a similarity between the cyclical motion of the Aeolus episode and the poem, “Under the Round Tower” by William Butler Yeats.  In the episode, there is a constant sense of motion.  While the motion in the serialized version does not seem to have the same level of energy as the version in the book, there is still a cyclical sense involved, and the motion is present.  This gives the episode a rushed feeling in the book.  In the serialized version, the energy is a bit calmer since it is less sporadic, due to the lack of headings that are found in the book.  This energy is matched by Yeats’ poem.

In this poem, there is another example of motion being presented in the dream of the boy.  The “golden king and silver lady” seem to be in continuous motion throughout, “Prancing round and prancing up/ until they pranced upon the top” of the round tower.  This round tower creates another cyclical type of motion that seems constant throughout the dream section, and includes wind imagery in the lines “Hands gripped in hands, toes close together,/ hairs spread on the wind they made.”  These images are congruent with several of the images presented in the Aeolus episode.


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