Imaginary Letters

I found that Imaginary Letters was very interesting, mostly the first paragraph of the letter. “Stupidity is a pest, a baccillus, an infection, a raging lion that does not stay in one place but perambulates” (52).  These lines reminded me of Stephen in way that he is ever changing and moving. He is like Telemechus where he cannot stay still, but get up and move, continue his journey. His mind acts the same way. It is constantly running, moving from one thought to the next. Stephen is his own metamorphosis.

In comparison to the sea, “It flows purling, widely flowing, floating foampool, flower unfurling” (41).  Stupidity is ever changing into different forms or moving through different beings as the sea continues to change as it flows up the shore going from waves to whatever it leaves behind. There is a constant steadiness to it. Stephen is still growing into himself and he is changing just like everything else.   


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