After reading the first episode I was a little confused at one point when they were discussing the sea. Are they all in Stephen’s apartment the entire episode and they are just discussing the sea? ” Stephen stood up and went over to the parapet. Leaning on it he looked down on the water and on the mailboat clearing the harbourmouth of Kingstown” (5, LN 82-84). 

I also found it interesting when they talked about Stephen’s mother. “The aunt thinks you killed your mother, he said. That’s why she won’t let me have anything to do with you. -Someone killed her, Stephen said gloomily” (5, LN 88-90). Between the conversation of Buck and Stephen I wonder where Stephen’s sympathies lie. Stephen responds “gloomily” and he recalls a dream he had of his mother, but he did not pray for his mother when she asked, according to Buck. Is he gloomy because he feels guilty for the way he responded to his mother’s request? The pain he feels is not love therefore it must be guilt, because what other pain is there that would fit in Stephen’s feelings? He obviously feels something for his mother, but why is the pain not of love as he says?

I also find it interesting that they jump from topic to topic so suddenly. It almost seems like they have something to say and once it is said they must move on and say something else. There does not seem to be any direct flow from one subject to another.


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