As I was reading “Portrait” in many ways I was reminded of the young boy in Araby. Both Stephen and Araby portray an essence of innocence in the way they act and think. One example of this innocence for Stephen is “He longed to be at home and lay his head on his mother’s lap. But he could not: and so he longed for the play and study and prayers to be over and to be in bed.”(9) In some ways this same longing is also in the boy in Araby when he thinks about going to the bazaar. “The syllables of the word Araby were called to me through the silence in which my soul luxuriated and cast an eastern enchantment over me.” (24) There is this innocence in wanting to be someplace different. They both share similar minds and their thoughts seem to wander about different things. They both have a childlike behaviour that develops in both of their stories.


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  1. jsdrouin

    OK, let’s pay attention to how Stephen’s longing for his mother changes (or doesn’t) throughout the rest of A Portrait and Ulysses. That idea of mother and home is a very powerful force in both novels.


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